“Over a 2 and ½ year period, our entire home (3 levels) has been transformed from its 1980’s “glory” to “tasteful transitional.” We now have a home that is warm, welcoming and beautifully functional. This amazing transformation is a result of the talented and thoughtful KMH design team. As “newbies” to the wild and sometimes wicked world of “major renovations,” we were expertly guided along the way by Kerry and his designers. Granted, it took us a while to “see” what the team envisioned: What, take out that wall of bookcases? Paint the judge’s paneling? In the end, Kerry’s vision is the perfect reflection of our family and our lifestyle. We can honestly say that each morning as we head to the kitchen for coffee that we are always delighted to see our beautiful “new” home.” – Pam and Eric Ensor

“Kerry Howard’s warmth, humor and love for design infuses his company KMH Interiors with the same qualities. This eponymous design firm has become a haven for residential clients who wish to pursue great design under the guidance of very talented, experienced designers who also happen to be very good people.” – Bjork Studio

“Kerry is a talented, creative and energetic man who has a zest for life and has faced every challenge that he has been given head on. His Southern charm and style is sure to win over everyone he meets” – Daniel Jones

“…KMH Interiors is thriving, thanks in large part to the work ethic of Howard and his staff, and his ability to grow connections with builders, suppliers, staff and clients – well beyond the first encounter. He knows the importance of first impressions and appreciation of those who work for him. […] Humorous, entertaining and genuinely open, Howard’s larger-than-life personality only enhances his talent and eye for a design. It’s a winning combination – just ask his clients.” – Las Vegas Design Center (.com)

“We’ve been working with Kerry for years – in fact, he worked to curate our own home, which has since been featured in Traditional Home. In addition to being an all-around wonderful person, Kerry’s fresh perspective on design is second to none.” – steve mckenzie’s

Kerry and the KMH team brought such a wonderful sensibility to our home. His ability to curate our art and furniture we had, blended with new items gave us such a beautiful environment and fresh take on our home. The teams professional management of the process was also indeed a pleasure. – Steve and Jill McKenzie